HAVING just returned from a trip to Bromsgrove High Street, I am so saddened to see that Waterstones book shop has closed down.

I asked them why and they said it was because the landlord’s rent has increased and it’s not cost-efficient to keep the branch open. Am I alone in now thinking that Bromsgrove town is in definite decline?

I looked up and down High Street and there are several empty shops. The rest are mainly composed of charity, phone and card shops.

What happened to the lovely bustling High Street I remember when I first moved to Bromsgrove back in 1988? I think landlords should be ashamed and they will surely reap what they sow – nothing in return rent. I am dismayed that Waterstones is being allowed to go – is there no fight from this council?

Does no one care? How can the council charge us for parking when there’s nothing left in Bromsgrove, apart from ASDA and a few other shops. It’s a joke.

Dismayed Breme Park resident