CALL me cynical, but I think Redditch and Bromsgrove people will be led on a cosmetic dance around the houses thinking that there is hope of saving the Alexandra Hospital’s A&E deparment – the decision about its future having already been made.

The people were warned before the last election that the National Health Service was not safe in the hands of the Tories.

Our membership of the EU costs this country £50 million a day. By leaving that organisation, within four days, we can deal with the black hole which Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust claims it has, 48 hours from that, we can deal with the police budget, thus retaining the 16,000 officers that the politicians wish to get rid of.

Thereafter, £50 million a day can be put into capital reserves then we can start to deal with the deficit which these failed politicians have caused and progressively reduce the amount of money we need to borrow until we get down to zero.

Any futher borrowing which is required will come from the capital reserves, the benefit of which is that there is no interest to pay, there will be a small loss of investment interest.

I know this system works because I have been using it for the last 60 years, no doubt many other people have, and they are still using it.

Size and complexity of a budget is no problem – the same rules of procedure apply.

The problem is people become politicians because they couldn’t hold down a proper job. If we take the so-called leaders of the three main parties, none have ever had a proper job, they have been nowhere, done nothing, know nothing and have no real experience in the real world or of life in general.

Mr K Breillat, Bromsgrove