AS homeowners in Newton Road for the past 19 years, we are concerned and unhappy that the residents of Breme Park are even considering that our road should be opened for their access.

Our road was closed in 1996, at least seven years before the Breme Park development was built, as it was being used as a shortcut to industrial units and the Safeway supermarket.

As it is a wide, straight road, motorists used to speed along it, causing danger to the residents, including children and pets.

We were involved in a vigorous campaign to get the road closed and succeeded by proving to the council just how dangerous the speed and volume of traffic was for a residential road.

Anyone living on the Breme Park estate would have known that access has never been available via Newton Road at the time of purchasing their propertyandiftheywereunhappywith the situation, perhaps they shouldhave moved elsewhere.

Anthony Morris, Newton Road, Bromsgrove