BROMSGROVE Swimming Club produced some strong performances in the second round of the Nuneaton League.

Juniors gave a good account of themselves in Tamworth, despite a shortage of swimmers meaning the club could not field someone in every race.

Michael Bray won the boys two-length breaststroke and then teamed up with Oliver Holden, Luke Jones and Sebastian Perry to finish first in the medley relay.

In the girls freestyle relay, the foursome of Bromley Arnold, Katie Irons, Falan Malone-Priest and Ryley Malone-Priest were victorious.

Tristan Gee then joined Bray, Holden and Jones to win the freestyle relay.

Perry also won the boys two-length backstroke race.

Bray was also runner-up in the one-length breaststroke event.

There was also a second places for Bromley Arnold in the girls’ butterfly and Jones in the boys breaststroke.

There was also a runner-up spot in the girls medley relay for Arnold, Katie Irons, Molly Irons and Ryley Malone-Priest as well as Bray, Holden, Jones and Perry in the medley relay.

Molly Irons, Arnold and Falan and Ryley Malone-Priest and were runners-up in the one-length freestyle relay.

In the boys one length relay, George Wiggins, Perry, Jones and Bray also came second.

In the 8x1 freestyle, the boys were just pipped to first place and settled for second.

Overall, Bromsgrove finished fourth on 171 points, with Wellington the winners on 256.

The club are determined to build on their already strong team and welcome talented young swimmers to attend for a free trial session.

Anyone interested can go to for more details.

Training sessions are held at both Bromsgrove School and The Dolphin Centre each week.

Third place finishes: Boys 4x1 medley relay - Michael Bray, Luke Jones, Sebastian Perry, George Wiggins); Boys 2L backstroke - Sebastian Perry; Girls 2L breaststroke - Falan Malone-Priest; Girls 4x1 freestyle relay - Bromley Arnold, Molly Irons, Falan Malone-Priest, Adelina Powell); Boys 4 x1 - Freestyle relay - Michael Bray, Oliver Holden, Luke Jones, Sebastian Perry; Boys 2L Butterfly -Jacob Elliott; Boys 2L backstroke - Sebastian Perry; Girls 2L breaststroke - Orla Walker; Boys 2L breaststroke - Jacob Elliott); Boys 2L butterfly - Michael Bray); Boys 4x1 freestyle relay - Michael Bray, Jacob Elliott, Tristan Gee, George Wiggins).

Personal bests: Bromley Arnold, Falan Malone-Priest, George Wiggins, Jacob Elliott, Katie Irons, Luke Jones, Michael Bray, Molly Irons, Orla Walker, Sebastian Perry, Tristan Gee.