A PROPOSAL to erect a symbolic statue in the grounds of Bromsgrove College of had caused a stir at a meeting of its governors.

Londonbased artist Lesley South had suggested that she created a sculpture, made of concrete, symbolising the college’s purpose of helping people get to the top.

But governors, after viewing the plans, rejected the sculpture on a vote of eight-two while voting infavourof looking at other designs.

Miss South had beeninvited tocome to the town to explain her masterpiece.

à VOTERS in Stoke Prior had followed Finstall in voting an emphatic no to lighting their ward at night during a meeting held at the village hall. Finstall had refused lamps and it looked like the only lamps that would be introduced would be in Stoke Works. During the Stoke Prior meeting, voters expressed concerns saying the lighting scheme was a prelude to the parish becoming urbanised.