PREMIER Rugby Limited (PRL) today released Lord Dyson's full report relating to Saracens and the breaching of salary cap regulations.

Following the news the report would be made public at Sarries' request, the report reveals details of rules broken in the 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons.

The report was leaked by Sky Sports on Wednesday night but the official document was published on Thursday, lifting the lid on the overspending of the London club.

It states Saracens exceeded the £7million quota, which Premiership clubs have scope to have two players outside of, by around £1.1 million, £99,000 the following campaign and around £900,000 last season.

The other breaches of the regulation refer to Saracens' failure to provide documents to the salary cap manager on a number of salary cap years within the notice period.

In a statement, interim Saracens chairman Neil Golding said: "The release of the report will provide much needed context and clarity to the situation.

"We agreed with PRL on relegation in the hope that we could draw a line under the mistakes made by Saracens with respect to compliance with the regulations and concentrate on putting new robust procedures in place.

"We know our path will not be a smooth one in the short term. We must face that challenge together; be resilient, united and open in order to move forward."