BROMSGROVE chairman Mike Burke insists boss Paul Smith has the club's full support despite contract talks stalling.

Sporting officials and the manager were due to meet to talk through a deal last night.

However, a short meeting soon ended with it being decided that a contract for the manager wouldn't be signed at the current time due to the parties unable to iron out certain details.

Burke says the deal hasn't been withdrawn and still wants to work towards giving Smith a contract.

He explained: "Paul was given the contract and we spent months trying to get it right.

"We knew he'd want to have a meeting with us to discuss certain points after his own solicitors had looked at it, which is understandable.

"At the meeting it soon became evident that now wasn't the right time for all of us. There are still a few issues that need to be sorted out so that everyone is happy.

"There were clauses in there that said we wouldn't stand in his way if a Conference club came calling, so we do want to work with him.

"The contract has not been withdrawn and Paul still has that. We are also still happy to give him a contract.

"In the end it was agreed that now wasn't the right time but discussions will hopefully continue.

"For now, we don't want it to become a distraction and want to stay focused on ending the season as best as we can."

On his support for the man who is helping drive the club towards another promotion push, he added: "We know Paul is doing a fantastic job for us and we are supporting him.

"We have increased our playing budget by 10 per cent recently because we want to win this league. That is what our fan base deserves. We want to keep moving forwards.

"Paul has got our support and backing."

However, Smith doesn't believe club chiefs are as keen to thrash out a contract as they say.

He said: "I think the less said about the meeting the better.

"It was a disappointing meeting, more so to do with the content of the contract.

"As soon as I saw it I knew there would be issues. It was clear that the club don't want me to sign a contract.

"There is a massive gulf in our thoughts on how to take the club forwards

"I just want to put it to bed now and concentrate on winning a second successive promotion.

"I'll then take a long, hard look in the summer and decide what to do.

"My drive at the moment is the fans and rewarding all the support they give us."