EVESHAM United’s Lee Chilton declared himself “finished” with the non-league merry-go-round after rejecting the overtures of Bromsgrove Sporting.

The playmaker has made a flying start to life at the Jubilee with three goals in six starts and "agreed new terms and a contract" until the end of the season on the back of the Rouslers trying to lure him back up a level.

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But while Chilton admitted he had been quick to switch allegiance in the past, he was adamant there would be no prising him from Carl Abbott's Robins overhaul.

“I am quite comfortable with where I am now, at the age of 34 those days are all finished for me,” said Chilton.

“Throughout my career I have been at clubs for so many months and then moved somewhere else, it is time for me to settle down and with the lads we have I am more than happy to do that.

“We are all together and have gelled well, there are no individuals or little groups and sometimes that togetherness is what wins you leagues as much as anything else. It definitely helps.

“Bromsgrove is a big club, I could have been the player they wanted but at that level they have to be looking to youth to progress.

“There would not have been much point, they have to build a young side rather than bringing in an old lad to be there for this season or maybe another year.

“At this level of football I feel quite comfortable and like I could do a few years yet.

“We are coming together a lot quicker than people thought. It is a new squad and everyone is still getting used to each other but when we do click properly someone will have a good hiding.

“The fans have bought in to what we are trying to do. They wanted attractive football, they are getting that and seeing the players working hard together.

“Everyone seems happy and as long as we keep grafting for each other and trying to win people won’t have any problems, even if we do lose.”

Evesham have also signed striker Paul Sullivan but he will not be eligible for Sunday’s home clash with higher-ranked Dorchester Town in the FA Cup first qualifying round (3pm) having played for Gresley in this season's competition.

“When it comes to cup games things like levels go out of the window,” Chilton added.

“There is nothing to lose. We know we aren’t going to win the FA Cup but it is nice to get as far as possible, especially for the finances of the club.

“League form doesn’t come into it, everyone puts in a shift to try to get in that hat.

“Hopefully we can do that, pull an even bigger club and progress which will help the club too.”