NEWSPAPER front pages the day after the budget highlighted the fundamental misjudgment of George Osborne and the coalition government.

The cutting of the 50p top rate of tax and the changes to pension arrangements were as outrageous in their inclusion as the lack of any reduction in VAT or any halt in the increasing rise in fuel prices.

I guess when Nick Clegg said there were much better things than giving the wealthiest in society a tax cut he was persuadedtochangehismindashe hasontheNHS,tuition feesand deficit reduction.

It was not the ordinary taxpayers in Sidemoor I represent that brought austerity to our communities, but the greed and arrogance of some of society’s wealthiest.

Instead of sharing the burden fairly and asking those with the deepest pockets to pay their fair share, this Government has put the burden on the lowest and middle income households and pensioners, but then gives millionaires a tax cut.

Locally we have seen transport services cut, library services decimated and youth services being taken apart.

Our NHS will need to make drastic cuts in the upcoming years, while the Government spends £1billion on a top down reorganisation of the NHS that nobody voted for.

Families in Bromsgrove will also face the farcical situation with the botched changes to family allowance that ignores total household income and penalises parents who chose to stay at home and look after their children.

MP Sajid Javid may have cheered his boss’ budget, but I doubt many of his constituents will have joined him in his delight.

Yet again those who caused this nightmare have gotten away with it and those on lower and middle incomes and pensioners will pay the price.

This Government displays a chilling mix of arrogance, complacency and incompetence choosing to pit one faction of societyagainsttheotherinorder to distract from its poor economic performance.

This Chancellor has no plan for growth and as his cuts get deeper,sowillthelinesatthejob centre causing misery and increasing our debt.

This budget was not fair and showsonceandfor allweare not all in this together.

Councillor Christopher Bloore, Sidemoor Ward, Bromsgrove