SINCE the beginning of January, the residents of the ‘pinch points’ on the A38 diversion route have, and continue to endure, sheer hell from 8pm to 6am most weekday evenings and nights due to the above.

Whilst I acknowledge that all residents of the diversionary route are affected, the very narrow sections from the Hanbury Turn island to the Buntsford Hill island and, the section of road from the Harvester Inn to the traffic lights entering Bromsgrove north, is totally unacceptable.

It leaves me completely stunned to think that Highways England, the contractors Vinci / Balfour Beatty, Worcestershire and Bromsgrove Councils and all the other stakeholders continue to bury their heads in the sand to the absolute chaos, stress, pollution, potential and actual damage to properties, vehicles and roads that these so called well thought out works are causing.

If you think that it’s acceptable for six lanes of weekday motorway traffic to pass through a single carriageway from 8pm to 6am with all the noise, stress, pollution, damage to roads and shaking of cottages built in the mid 1890s you ought to be ashamed. Posting a letter through our letterboxes two weeks after the works had started just amplifies the lack of concern and planning the stakeholders have.

Alan Pugh

Redditch Road

Stoke Heath