LAST Sunday, we decided to come into town for lunch. The usual desolated and dying image of the High Street awaited us as we parked in one of the council-run car parks and paid £1 for the privilege.

When we returned to the car, we were welcomed by a penalty charge of £25.

Yes, we were late, we were seven minutes late, but I am sure that many parents that venture for lunch with two little ones will understand how difficult it is to get your timings right.

It felt like the traffic warden had stood by the car watching the time and gave us a fine as soon as he could.

Again, we were late, but this is no way to promote trade in the town centre, especially on a Sunday.

No wonder we have been minimising our visits to the High Street and believe me, from now on, we will chose to eat somewhere where we don’t have to worry about a disproportionate parking fine.

Well done Bromsgrove Council – another council tax payer disgruntled.

This is all particularly hurtful when, at the same time, the Stourbridge Road car park was taken over by a group of travellers who were happily camping on the site.

I would be very curious to see what sort of parking fees or fines they have paid.

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