FINAL plans for a “long overdue” parking scheme in Worcester have been sent to the contractors to confirm when the works will take place.

Councillor Matthew Jenkins, who has been pushing for a parking permit scheme to be introduced in the Arboretum since 2018, has confirmed the detailed plans have been sent to the contractors, Ringway.

The final scheme plans, which will cover the Arboretum and up to St. George’s Lane North, show the exact locations for signs and line markings in the area.

Cllr Jenkins said he will be using a combination of his Highways Maintenance Fund (£3,900) and divisional fund (£6,000) to pay towards the cost.

Permits will cost £30 per year for the first car, £40 for a second and £60 for third.


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He said: “Although it won’t solve all the existing parking problems in the area, it should help residents to park near their homes more often.

“Plus, it will reduce the number of vehicles driving in the area looking for a free parking space. Reducing traffic and pollution will be a real benefit to those living here.”

Cllr Jenkins has also confirmed carer permits will be available, adding: “A resident who receives domiciliary care may have a carer who visits several times a day, which would be difficult to manage under the current system of visitor permits.

“As other authorities off the carer permits, I’m glad to say that we have done the same. Anyone applying for a carers’ permit must receive regular home care support; they will need to provide evidence of this when they apply.”

He said once the plans are signed off by the county council, then Ringway will order the signs and programme the work into their schedule, however, he said he is unsure exactly when the start date is.

He added: “The work is expected to take three weeks, starting at one end of the scheme and working towards the other end. Once we get near to this final stage, residents will be able to order parking permits, visitor permits and special permits for carers.”

Councillor Alan Amos, cabinet member with responsibility for Highways, at Worcestershire County Council said: “We have completed a consultation to implement a new resident’s parking scheme in Arboretum.

"The plans that went to public consultation can be viewed on our website. There was very positive reaction to the consultation and plans are continuing to progress.”

Plans can be found here