YET ANOTHER vehicle has been stopped by police for excessive speeding on the motorway today.

The driver was caught going 123 miles per hour on the M5 between Junction 7 and Junction 8.

OPU Worcestershire tweeted: "Winner of the day for the speeders.....123mph M5 7-8. Or loser you could say.....court date awaits."

This comes after fifteen other vehicles were stopped at the same place for reaching speeds of up to 110mph.

The stops are being conducted as part of a road safety campaign launched by the National Police Chiefs' Council this week.

Chief Constable Anthony Bangham, roads policing lead for NPCC, said: "With the gradual move out of lockdown and with traffic volumes starting to increase, this national operation is an important way of highlighting the dangers of speeding, particularly when so many people have not been out on the roads for quite some time."

He said many forces reported increased speeding and some had reported 'very excessive speeding'.