LABOUR’S parliamentary candidate Lynn Denham has said her ‘heart has been broken’ by cuts to services in Worcester and people must vote for her this week as the “city deserves better.”

Mrs Denham, who has been a Worcester city councillor since 2012, has lived in Worcester for 30 years and has spent her working life in the NHS.

Mrs Denham said the city faces a clear choice tomorrow between voting for “more years of cuts and failure” with Robin Walker and the Conservatives or “real change” with Labour.

She said: “Over the last nine years, I have seen first-hand the impact of the cuts made by this Tory government on Worcester people, cuts supported by Robin Walker.

“It breaks my heart to see our nurses and doctors struggling to provide patients with the care that they need, our teachers trying to provide the best possible education in over-crowded classrooms and families struggling to make ends meet due to low wages and insecure work.

“I want to be the first woman to represent Worcester in parliament because I believe our city deserves better.”

Mrs Denham said a vote for Labour would mean investment in the city’s people and its communities and would ensure schools and hospitals are properly funded.

“Labour will rebuild our public services, stopping the sell-off of our NHS and making sure our schools and hospitals get the funding they need,” she said. “A government that would stand up for working families in Worcester, introducing a Real Living Wage of £10 an hour immediately.

“Labour has a clear and costed plan to transform our country and deal with climate change.

“Worcester people face a clear choice between me and Robin Walker.

“We can vote for more years of cuts and failure with the Tories, or we can vote for real change.

“As your MP, I will be a strong local voice for Worcester in Westminster standing up for the many, not the few.”