A MOVE to clamp down on swimming in Gullett Quarry on the Malvern Hills seems unlikely to go ahead after failing to win public backing.

The quarry has been the site of several fatal swimming accidents over the years, most recently two deaths in 2013.

Malvern Hills District Council proposed to create a Public Space Protection Order, which would give police the power to fine anyone caught swimming in the lake or the fenced area around it.

But the council's executive committee, which met on Tuesday, decided not to pursue the proposal.

Committee members heard a public consultation this summer showed 65 per cent of respondents did not support preventing people entering the fenced area, and 61 per cent did not support preventing people entering the water.

In contrast, the police, fire service and county council supported the proposals.

The council report said: "The public felt if people chose to take the risk to swim in the quarry that was their choice and they would have to accept the consequences, including loss of life or injury."

Instead, the committee decided it was better to work on public campaigns and educations.

Cllr Paul Cumming said: "I would urge that any education programmes don't just concentrate on the Gullet, but also right across the district.

"We had the tragic death of a young man at Shavers End Quarry near Abberley earlier this year."

The committee agreed that to go ahead with campaigning and education about the hazards district-wide.