A PENSIONER says his life has been changed after lost nearly four stone.

Royston Gething’s weight rose to more than 19 stone after his partner died three years ago, but he has since lost nearly four stone and regained his freedom.

He said: “My partner died and I just carried on eating and eating.

“I was so irritable and was always out of breath and getting up and down out of my chair was a struggle.”

Eventually he decided to lose some weight, and he says he has never looked back, adding: “Health-wise it has been massive. I have come off the diabetic tablets and I have got so much more stamina now.

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“I belong to Worcester Musical Theatre Company and I have been able to take part in the shows now which has been great.

“It really has given me a new lease of life because I can get out and about so much more easily.”

Mr Gething has lost nearly four stone and is now at a much more healthy 15 stone.

He said: “My friend invited me to come to Slimming World with them and I decided to do it. “I only intended to get down to 17 stone so to beat my target is incredible.

“Boredom eating was something that caused quite a few problems for me, but I look at food totally differently now.”

The 68 year-old, who lives in Barbourne, attends the Perdiswell Slimming World group and was recently crowned “Mr Sleek” in recognition of his weight loss journey.

Group leader Nikki Poole said Mr Gething was “brave” to have made the step to lose weight and congratulated him on his progress.