SOME of the images we have been seeing from across the county of flooding have been shocking.

A day of near-constant rain has left roads around the region submerged with schools being sent home early and drivers being warned to stay off the roads unless it is essential.

Still, it seems, some people don't quite get the message.

Driving through floodwater is dangerous and irresponsible. It not only endangers your life, not to mention the risk of ruining your car, but also the life of the emergency service personnel who will have to come and rescue you.

Before you go out in your car you should ask yourself: is this journey absolutely essential?

Just last month we saw a man walk fully clothed into flood water and a car almost entirely submerged while parked in the Pitchcroft Car Park. When will the message get home that this is not just a bit of rain, it is a risk to life?

We also saw, this time in Droitwich, three people having to be rescued from their submerged car having not used their common sense.

During the floods last month, 36 drivers attempted to cross flooded roads and ended up requiring the assistance of emergency staff, despite constant warnings not to risk it.

These people's reckless behaviour puts lives at risk, not just their own, but the brave men and women of the emergency services coming to their aid.

I wonder if drivers, before going through flood water, think to themselves about how many people it would take to rescue them, how many lives would be put at risk by their actions.

Maybe if they stopped and thought about the potential consequences of their actions, they would make wiser decisions and choose the sensible option.

It looks likely that the floods will continue this week, so be careful and ask yourself if you absolutely have to drive through flood water, no matter how shallow that water is.

I suppose it is human nature that no matter how many warnings are given, people will still feel the need to drive or walk through flooded areas. Sadly, it often requires tragedy for people to learn the error of their ways and force them to use their common sense.

Stay safe out there, and make the right decision before trying to enter flood water.