A MAN who got a miniature pig has ended up sharing his home with a 28-stone pet.

Nigel Graham's pet pig Grace was supposed to be an alternative to a cat or a dog but has just kept growing.

Mr Graham, 57, said: “I got Grace as my wife, Sam, is allergic to cats and dogs.

“She was meant to remain small but she’s just kept on growing and growing.

“I built her an outdoor hutch - Graceland - but she’s only spent two nights there ever as she likes to be warm and dry.

"She lives as a house pig, spending her time either on the sofa or sleeping on her bed in the kitchen, keeping warm in front of the radiator.

“She did sleep upstairs when she was younger on a double orthopaedic mattress but she’s too large for the stairs.

“It’s a nightmare getting her outside - I have to tempt her with treats.

“She’s just like a dog, loving lots of cuddles and belly rubs and she whines at the backdoor when she wants to go out to use the toilet.

“It’s great when people come in to our house, not knowing about Grace -their reactions are priceless."

Grace, who is now fully grown, eats three meals a day and her favourite food is rice pudding and prawn crackers.

Mr Graham, from Malvern, added: “Bacon was my favourite meat but since Grace has joined the family, we don’t eat it anymore as it just wouldn’t feel right.

“Pigs make good pets as long as they can have a decent sized garden to run around in.

“They are very clever and affectionate animals - it’s a misconception that they like mud.”