A FIRE has broken out in Malvern.

The fire service was called out at 4.58pm due to ‘smoke issuing’ from the derelict building in Malvern Technology Park, St Andrews Road, Malvern, which was the old Qinetiq site.

The road will be closed until further notice.

West Mercia OCC tweeted: "Ash is falling, please keep all doors and windows closed, keeps pets indoors and do not go out unless you absolutely need to."

There are fire crews from three stations at the scene – Malvern, Worcester and Upton.

Hereford and Worcester fire control tweeted: “Fire crews responding to numerous reports of smoke issuing from Malvern Technology Park, St Andrews Road, Malvern - as a precaution we advise neighbouring properties to close all doors and windows.”

Laura Gough said: "I can’t see anything on the Guarlford Straight, so hoping it’s nearly out."

Gloria Stinton said: "Very strong smell of smoke here. It's horrible!"

Gemma Henton said: "I can smell it and I’m near the cricket club."

A resident, who didn’t want to be named said: “I was walking the dog and could just see a lot of smoke. It looks like it’s coming from the QinetiQ site.”


The fire had gone out by 6.30pm.

St Andrews Road has been re-opened.