TODAY'S story on how a police crackdown on thugs in Warndon has driven the teens away is an excellent example of community policing working effectively.

Traders in Cranham Parade on Cranham Drive, Warndon, had been complaining for months about gangs of teenagers who hang around the complex drinking alcohol and intimidating shoppers who live nearby.

In November last year, officers were able to begin moving the troublesome teenagers away for up to 48 hours at a time thanks to a new dispersal order in an attempt to stop the problem.

When the Worcester News visited Cranham Parade yesterday to speak to traders and residents, our reporter was told that the police action was still working and the yob issue was now largely a thing of the past.

People are quick to criticise the police – who work in very challenging circumstances – when they are perceived to not be acting quickly enough on an issue, so it's only right that we praise the officers who have made such a positive impact in Cranham Drive.