A NEW group in Worcester encourages people to exchange or donate their unwanted items to keep them out of the bin.

Alex Giles launched Facebook group Worcestershire Waste Exchange with the aim of reducing the amount of unwanted items binned and sent to landfill.

Mrs Giles, from Droitwich, said: “I want this group to give people an opportunity to give it a go and help reduce waste.”

The 27-year-old was inspired to start the group following the success of her blog on waste reduction, which offers DIY tips and also gives readers advice on how they can create a better environment.

More than 1,600 people from across the county have joined the group since it tarted a month ago.

Mrs Giles said: “It’s been quite intense. So many people have shown an interest. They say another person’s trash is another person’s treasure and this has certainly proved that.

“I just hate waste. I wanted to create a place where people can share their rubbish before they get rid of it. Most people just put things straight into the tip and it’s such a waste.

“What started this off was the zero-waste movement and doing what we can to avoid unnecessary waste.

“It’s not about going out and buying reusable cups, it’s about reusing what we have already got in our homes. People don’t realise what they have in their cupboards. Some of the things can be donated or exchanged.”

Some unusual items have been exchanged within the group, such as homemade jam that has been swapped with gardening equipment.

Mrs Giles added: “Some of my favourite swaps have been roof felt for a homemade Victoria sponge and birthday balloons that hadn’t deflated for free and have been reused over seven times.

“There is no money involved. That is the only rule in the group. And to be nice to others.”

Join the group at facebook.com/groups/2274220446133810/


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