THE winner of the Early Year’s Award went to a pre-school described as the ‘most thriving’ in the county – Abberley.

This award went to an innovative and successful child-minding provider, nursery, pre-school or organisation which stands out from the rest for their early year’s support or provision.

Abberley Pre-school won the award despite tough competition, and staff said they were thrilled.

The nomination form for Abberley Pre-school said: “The staff go out of their way to work with each child as an individual and make sure their needs are met.”

On winning the award, Adrian Parrott, chair of Abberley Pre-School, said: “This is a fantastic achievement and a real team effort.

“Our efforts have overcome the challenges of the last few years and we now have record numbers of children at Abberley.”

Mr Parrott said it is the perfect reward for the staff, committee members, parents and children who have made Abberley one of the most thriving and sought after pre-schools in the county.