A DAY out at a popular city park has been ruined for many families as the popular Splashpad has been out of action due to “technical problems”.

The Splashpad in Gheluvelt Park is out of action today, however, Worcester City Council has said it hopes for the problem to be fixed by 11am tomorrow.

Andi Beale, from Worcester, who visited the Splashpad with her two daughters and three grandchildren earlier today said: "It is disappointing that the Splashpad is out of use. "The children are desperate to get in the water - all the children are in their swim suits and have got their towels ready. The kids are all waiting patiently as the water could come on any minute.

“There is nobody to ask what is going on or no signs to say the Splashpad is not working. There is no information – we have been waiting for a couple of hours.

“It has been very busy, right from 11am this morning people were here. It is absolutely packed – there is around 200 to 300 people here at the moment.

“It is bank holiday and the weather’s hot today, so many families have come to the park especially for a day out."

Ree Marisa Rankin and her family arrived at Gheluvelt Park at 10am to set up to use the Splashpad.

Ms Rankin claims she had to wait three hours before a council worker updated her on what was going on, adding: “Only now at 1.15pm did someone come out and announce anything to us. We have had to keep going up to them and asking what is going on.

“We have four children and they are irritable. We have been waiting so long, we didn’t want to leave because it will probably come on at some point.

“We are frustrated as we have been here waiting since 10am.”

According to the city council’s website, the Splashpad is in action from 11am to 4pm daily.

A Worcester City Council spokesman said: "We are having technical problems with the Splashpad today.

"We are sorry for any inconvenience. The Splashpad is still being worked on. We hope it will be back in action from tomorrow morning.”