A MUM says her teenage son could have suffered a fatal allergic reaction after a farmshop sold her a cake containing nuts – with no warning label.

Sarah Crossley said her 19-year-old son Tom, who is severely allergic to peanuts, could have died if he had eaten the coffee cake, from Gwilliams Farm Shop in Bevere, Worcester.

As a small amount of nuts could prove fatal for Tom, she checked the label of the cake which did not carry any mention of nuts.

However, when she returned home and ate a slice she discovered a topping she had thought was a sugar decoration actually contained nuts.

She said she contacted the shop to check and was put through to the cake supplier, Kaye’s Homemade Cakes of Crowle.

She says she told them the toppings included peanuts and the supplier told her they had not updated the label as they were planning on putting coffee beans on the next batch.

Mrs Crossley, 54, said: “This could have been a serious situation if my son had touched the cake and, even worse, if he’d eaten a piece and not been able to call for help or reach his EpiPen.

“Goodness knows what would have happened to my son if he had that cake. He works shifts, he could have easily come home late one night and had a slice without knowing it contains nuts.

“I find it horrifying that small businesses think it’s ok to ignore the rules on allergy advice.

“Every person that sells food items should be aware of how tragic their lazy, thoughtless attitude could be. It would be a great deal more serious if they were looking at a manslaughter issue.

“I am very disappointed as we regularly visit Gwillams Farm Shop as we like to support local stores. I won’t be visiting the shop again.”

She has been in touch with the Citizens Advice Bureau about the incident that happened on Wednesday, April 10 and Mrs Crossley says she has also complained to Trading Standards.

Mrs Crossley said she has been offered a tea room voucher at Kaye’s Homemade Cakes and a refund on the cake from Gwillams Farm Shop as compensation.

Sarah Brown, of Gwillams Farm Shop, in Ombersley Road, Worcester, said: “Our pie and cake supplier had changed the labelling of their products and did not inform us.

“We will not be using their products anymore. It’s a difficult situation as ultimately we sold the cake to a customer; however, the supplier had not informed us about the labelling.

“This morning we had a delivery from them however we have sent it straight back. They are aware of how serious the matter is.”

The Worcester News contacted Kaye’s Homemade Cakes but no-one was available to comment.