CHURCH wardens are appealing for a new group to use a vacant listed building.

Claines Church Institute, in School Bank, Worcester, was used by Wishing Well Nursery but has been vacant since last year.

Phil Kear, Claines churchwarden of nine years, said: “Unfortunately the Claines Church Institute building is no longer being used as much as before. We need someone to fill the space else it will have implications on our finances.

“It is vital we keep up the maintenance, else the building will suffer.

“It is a sad time with the building being empty and quiet. We want to put more life back into the institute.”

If a source of income cannot be found to support the upkeep, Claines Church, which is located across the road, will have to use money from their general funds to cover costs, Mr Kear claims.

The 69-year-old added: “It is important for the institute to receive some form of income. It is such a waste as it is a lovely building not being used.

“Although it is important the institute has an income, it is equally as important the building benefits the community and the people of Claines.”

Claines Church Institute is a listed building and was created in 1891.

The building capacity can hold up to 60 people. It has a kitchen, car park and toilets. The space can be used for dance groups, drama, music events and parties.

If anybody would like to enquire about the institute, visit