A MUM has called for more to be done to prevent non-residents using a communal bin store after rubbish began to overflow and attract rats and foxes.

Jenny Wilks, who lives with her partner and three children in a Fortis Living flat in Ronkswood, said the collection of litter was “absolutely vile”.

Having been left to build up since before Christmas, the rubbish, which included old toys and a trampoline, was finally cleared on Wednesday (January 9) after weeks of complaints.

Mrs Wilks, 30, said it’s not the first time the store has been completely blocked and she wants Fortis to do more to prevent people who don’t live in the block from dumping rubbish there.

“These people should not be using the stores,” she said, speaking on Wednesday, prior to the clearance.

“Last year, it was an absolute mess, you could barely get in there. But this time it’s worse – it’s crammed full and spilling out onto the car park, feet away from people’s homes.”

She said a flatbed truck, sent by Fortis, did arrive outside the store in Rounds Road at one stage but then drove away without having cleared any of the rubbish.

“It’s horrible for people living here. There are young kids in the flats – it’s a major health and safety risk.”

She said she has seen rats and foxes around the pile and because it was blocking off wheelie bins at the back of the stores, the regular council collections were not taking place.

Mrs Wilks also fears, due to the store made of wood, that large amounts of rubbish create a fire hazard.

A Worcester City Council spokeswoman said: “It’s the City Council’s responsibility to empty the bins, but it is not our responsibility to clear the surrounding area in the store.

“This is the responsibility of Fortis Housing, which owns the flats.

“If other people are accessing the bin stores who don’t live in the flats, it is Fortis’ responsibility to adopt extra security measures so that this isn’t possible.”

She went on to say that the city council also runs a bookable bulky waste service, where residents can pay a small fee to have items such as mattresses and trampolines removed.

“If these items have been dumped in the bin store, it is Fortis’ responsibility as the land owner to arrange for their disposal,” she added.

The spokeswoman said the bins for the flats are emptied by the council every Tuesday.

Catherine Cole, Assistant Director, Communities and Neighbourhoods (West) said: "Fortis Living's priority is the health and safety of its customers, in this case, we acted swiftly to clear the area once we were notified there was a problem.

"We are working closely with the city council to identify improvements."