A GROUP of lads say they will fund a giant screen for fans to watch the match - if England make it to the World Cup final.

Luke Shaw, 28, James Vincent, 24, Benjamin Proctor, 26, Robert Szczotka, 29 and Dragomir Yordanov, 26, made the pledge after being disappointed the council had ruled out an open air fan zone for the England-Croatia semi-final, or a possible final against Belgium or France.

The group has promised to pay for a 60 to 80 foot inflatable screen, costing them £800 to £1,000. The only problem is they need licensed premises, preferably with an outdoor space, to host the event.

Mr Shaw, a school support worker, said: “I think the council should be putting up a fan zone themselves for fans. I think they’re letting the city of Worcester down.

“We work hard and put up with the roadworks and we only want one thing- to watch football together.

"We want to see England win the World Cup and we want to get 1,000 people, everybody together in celebration of the match. I think it would be amazing.

"Football brings us all together. It doesn’t matter where you are from. The matches in Birmingham and Manchester are being screened - but Worcester is doing nothing.”

Mr Shaw said friend Mr Szczotka was from Poland while Mr Dragomir was from Bulgaria.

He added: “Once Poland were out Rob said straight away - England for the win. They both love football. They have been with us to see the matches and they love the atmosphere."

Mr Shaw said he had visited venues in the city including Worcestershire County Cricket Club, Worcester Racecourse, the University of Worcester, earlier this week but none were able to help.

He says if they have not secured a venue by Friday they will not be able to proceed.

The group do not want to charge entry but will be asking for payment for drinks and food.

Anyone who can help them achieve their World Cup dream can call 01905 742253 or email esh@worcesternews.co.uk.

A Worcester City Council spokesman previously said an open air screening of matches would take trade away from pubs and bars.

In a Worcester News poll, 41 per cent of readers, the majority, were against the idea.