Reporter Aled Thomas got on his bike and rode the final few miles of the route of Saturday's stage of OVO Energy Women's Tour which finishes in Worcester

THE professional athletes of the women's peloton will ride into Worcester on closed roads, with police keeping traffic and spectators out of the way, and it's a fast sweeping route - coming in from Droitwich,running along the A4440, then heading into the city centre to the finish line just outside the BBC Hereford and Worcester building on Hylton Road.

For a distinctly non-elite athlete, slowed by traffic and obeying traffic lights, it’s not quite as thrillingly rapid, but still an enjoyable route.

While the fast traffic on Nunnery Way and Swinesherd Way makes it a bit nervy, if the roads were closed it would be great, wide and fast.

Worcestershire Highways has confirmed that the works at the junction of Swinesherd Way and Whittington Road will be finished by Saturday, and you get a great view from the bike of the Malvern Hills form the roundabout, which Ive never seen when in the car.

The descent of London Road is a lot of fun, and should lead to some brilliant racing. If you choose to watch there, the riders will go by in a blur of colour, but it will be an amazing spectacle, if a brief one.With the normal bustle of the city about me, I was feathering my brakes all the way down - the pro racers probably won't touch theirs at all.

The area by the commandery as they sweep down the hill, cross the canal and hit the short climb up to the Cathedral will be a great spot to see the race, especially if there's a break and the bunch is full gas trying to chase them down.

While I've driven through Worcester scores of times, this is the first time Ive ridden through it.On the bike you see how lovely and historic Worcester is, and the Cathedral is a real landmark, and the curving road, climbing then descending to the river is fun to ride.

The city centre should look amazing from the helicopter shots overhead, with the Cathedral and river making Worcester a really telegenic location.

Riding over the bridge was genuinely really lovely. I had time to take in the rowers and swans as I crossed, while the racers on Saturday will have just one thought: win.

New Road is literally, now, a new road, after all the work - and the long straight of Hylton Road will allow a real all-out sprint to the line. A spot on Sabrina Bridge to see that will be worth bagging.

Worcester City Council hopes the race will both bring people out to watch it and inspire them to dig a bike out from the shed.

Mayor of Worcester, Councillor Jabba Riaz said: “Events like the Women’s Tour and the Worcester 10K run are incredibly beneficial. Not only do they help to boost the local economy by bringing more people in to the city, but they also inspire many residents to get out their own bikes, go for a run or try a new sport. So it’s great to see a Worcester News reporter getting in on the act too. Being active has real social, physical and mental health benefits, therefore the city council is very keen to promote these types of events.”