CHILDREN at Westacre Middle School have dabbled in many creative Olympic activities.

The youngsters spent the day trying out a variety of activities including cooking Olympic ring biscuits, dancing to carnival music, performing rhythmic gymnastics and creating samba music.

They also created fantastic artwork, used their woodwork skills to create photo frames, created Olympic games on the computer, learned Portuguese and many others.

The children had chosen 20 activities they wanted to try before the day and worked together in mixed year groups.

Paul Barber, assistant headteacher, said: "Dabble Day is always a highlight of our school calendar as it really showcases what our school curriculum is all about- inspiring the children to try out new things and learn.

"Our staff have put a great deal of effort in preparing this day and the children themselves have worked hard all day long applying themselves in a range of creative areas.

"There was a definite buzz around school as we marked the end of our Olympics Week.

"We now pass the baton over to Rio and look forward to the festival of sport that awaits this Summer."

Dabble day took place on Friday, July 15.