HE was inundated with thousands of abusive messages following his stint on the X Factor last year, but Gathan Cheema is not letting the bullies stop him.

The 22-year-old, of Tolladine Road, Worcester, who made it through to boot camp last year, has re-entered this year and still has faith in the show.

As we reported in your Worcester News following his departure from the show, Gathan said he had been inundated with 4,500 messages of abuse on Twitter after he said he was badly edited on the show.

But despite the abuse, Gathan said he believes the best way to make it as a singer is to repeat the reality show process.

“I have X Factored again, I have always loved the show,” he said.

“I want to make it through the X Factor. It provides you a platform.

“It’s hard work, it really is.

“After last year I understand how mean people are and how they can be.

“As for taking the time for writing stuff, you cannot please everyone, I’ve learnt that. People do not like what they cannot understand.

“If you’re an extrovert, people will take you as a target.

“I’ve grown up a lot.”

Off the back of the X Factor, Gathan recorded and released an album featuring eight cover songs, and is now writing and recording his own songs for his second EP.

He said: “I’ve never written before but I’ve got a lot of friends who are great songwriters, so I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from them.

“In life, girls’ songs are always strong and powerful so I wanted to write it from a man’s point of view.

“It’s not always about the girls.”