PEOPLE in Ludlow and south Shropshire and in Tenbury and the Teme Valley will be interested in the outcome of a review being held by Government into the safety of e-scooters.

The consultation will involve industry experts. It follows the first death in an accident involving an e-scooter.

The national safety organisation RoSPA has been calling for this review after receiving reports of accidents involving e-scooters.

They say that this consultation is now urgent following the first fatal road accident involving an e-scooter rider in the UK last year.

“Clearly, a wide and informed discussion is necessary to allow for legalisation to catch up with available transport technology such as e-scooters,” says RoSPA.

“Some of the safety implications that will need to be considered include determining if e-scooters should classified as a vehicle, whether wearing a helmet and having lights will be mandatory and if there ought to be a minimum legal age to ride an e-scooter.

“RoSPA would also like to see firm and legally-binding safety standards introduced into the production of e-scooters. RoSPA looks forward contributing to this upcoming consultation.”

Some environmentalists see e-scooters as a way to get more people out of their cars in areas like Ludlow where the hilly terrain deters people from cycling.