“King John was not a good man, he had his little ways ………..” So wrote A.A.Milne in his poem for children, ‘King John’s Christmas’. But was King John really not a good man? What were his ‘little ways’ and how did his kingship affect the future of England? The Vale of Evesham Historical Society have arranged a talk by Max Keen entitled “King John: the worst king but the greatest legacy?” on Thursday 30 January at 7.30pm at the Friends’ Meeting House in Cowl Street, Evesham which will address these questions. Entrance fee is £3 for non-members and £2 for members, which includes refreshments. Everyone is welcome. Max Keen’s talks are very informative and highly entertaining. He has written 14 talks about people and subjects for which he has a passion and each talk features a multimedia projection and full period costume. His talks can at times be controversial as he likes to stimulate historical thought and debate! As a recently retired teacher, speaking is Max’s profession and he does this with the enthusiasm of an avid historian. He also holds a Certificate of Higher Education in British Archaeology which helps him to probe deeper into his chosen subjects. Join us for an entertaining and instructive evening!