A HALESOWEN pet rescue is appealing for homes for a handful of cats who are struggling to find forever homes - including poor Marmalade whose world was turned upside down when her owner died.

Pepper's Pet Rescue, which is run by nurses Sophie and Andrew Pepper at their home on the Lodgefield Estate, is highlighting the cases of four cats - Junior and Crystal, Rosie and Marmalade - who keep getting looked over by prospective owners.

The rescue has a Facebook page where anyone interested in rehoming a kitty can fill out an adoption form.

Sophie said: "We have a few cats that need very specific homes so are being really overlooked, but would make wonderful pets for the right owner."

Marmalade, aged 13, (pictured above) ended up at Pepper's when her loving owner passed away.

Sophie said: "She would love a nice, quiet sofa to sleep on with a human slave to fuss her as and when she wants and feed her.

"She is very loving once settled, but needs time and patience."

Marmalade, who has been at the rescue for months, needs a child-free, quiet home, to live out her years in comfort.

Siblings Junior and Crystal are around two-years-old and need to be rehomed together as they have a close bond.

Sophie said: "Crystal is a bit mean to Junior sometimes.

"Although she bullies him a little bit he is far better with her than without.

"She is very confident and loving and he is more timid and hides.

"If I didn’t have four cats already I’d keep them.

"I adore Junior."

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Crystal (above)

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Junior (above)

Rosie, aged four, loves a fuss, but on her own terms.

Sophie said: "She can be dominant with other cats so would need to be an only pet, or with another confident strong-charactered cat."

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Rosie (above)

The pet rescue also has four feral cats who would be ideal for people who don’t necessarily want a fussy, indoor cat.

Anyone interested in giving one of the moggies a home can fill out the form on Facebook or text or call Sophie on 07726 115672 and leave a message.