THE investigation to find a man who allegedly tried to lure a schoolboy into a van outside a Redditch school has finished, police have confirmed.

Police appealed for information on October 16 asking for the public to help identify a male in a blue van who had allegedly attempted to entice a child into a vehicle.

It was alleged the incident took place near to the Ridgeway Middle School on Evesham Road on October 6.

Police have now announced there is no further cause for a concern and no arrests have been necessary after an investigation was carried out.

Detective Sergeant Iain Standing said: "We are pleased to inform you that there is no further cause for concern. After a thorough police investigation, we can confidently confirm that there is no threat to the public in regards to this matter and no arrests have been necessary. This investigation has now been finalised.

"We would like to thank everybody who took the time to provide information to us about this."