A HOMEOWNER is now investing in CCTV after her car was damaged during a vandalism spree.

Sam Matthews said a neighbour was woken in the early hours of Sunday by the sounds of "glass being broken" before shouting from the window at a gang of four males who then fled.

The 48-year-old, who has lived in Meadow Court, Droitwich, for 11 years, said the vandals broke the covers off her front lights, and hopes cameras will deter any future damage.

Other vehicles were similarly targeted, said Mrs Matthews, while the witness said one of the vandals also had a flash light torch he was using to shine through car windows.

"It's happened in the past and is reported to police but without anyone being caught in the act it's difficult," she continued.

Mrs Matthews has lived around the Westlands estate all her life and said this type of crime is fairly common, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights, with neighbours often complaining of their back window wipers being pulled off.

"It's just mindless vandalism, it's pointless," she added.

CCTV will cost Mrs Matthews a couple of hundred pounds, she estimates, but appreciates it is difficult for police to catch those responsible.

"We do seem to get police presence in the day, they will drive up and check if anything is happening."

She said the timing of the attacks on Sunday, which occurred around 3am, is unusual, as it's normally closer to the time the pubs shut. Contact police on 101 and quote reference 271S of August 25 if you have any information.