A 33-year-old man has admitted possession of a knife in a public place but the case was adjourned because the court had not yet been provided with CCTV footage of the incident.

Billy Corns appeared at Worcester Crown Court on Friday where he pleaded guilty to possession of the kitchen knife in Malvern and had expected to be sentenced.

The delay was described as 'regrettable' by Corns's barrister and 'a pity' by the judge who said he would need to view the CCTV before passing sentence.

Corns of Barbourne Road, Worcester, had the knife in Cowleigh Road, Malvern, on April 12 this year.

Adam Western, prosecuting, said there was CCTV footage of Corns in the street with the blade. He added: "We have been trying to get it this morning and we have not been able to."

He said he believed the footage was either at the office of the Crown Prosecution Service or 'in transit' on its way to the court but added: "We don't think there's realistically any prospect of getting it here today."

As a result Mr Western asked for the case to be adjourned for seven days so the CCTV could be uploaded to the court files.

Jason Aris, defending, said: "It's regrettable because Mr Corns is very anxious and would like to be sentenced as soon as possible."

Judge Nicolas Cartwright said: "Obviously the sentencing judge does need to see the footage."

He adjourned the case until this Friday and told Corns: "It's not your fault that the CCTV isn't available today. It's a pity that the case can't proceed.

"Obviously you will get credit for your plea of guilty. The case will be heard a week from today and you can have bail in the same terms as before in the meantime."

"Okay, thank you" said Corns.