TWO distressed puppies were lucky to survive after they were found dumped in a box near some bins at Hopwood motorway service station.

The Boston Terrier-type dogs, who are thought to be eight to ten weeks old, were fortunate to be discovered alive at lunchtime on August 3 as the scorching temperatures were 30°C.

A passing motorist had stopped off in a layby near some bins at the Hopwood Services Welcome Break, off the M42, in Bromsgrove, when by chance her children decided to look inside a covered cardboard box, finding the puppies.

The mother rushed the pups to a local vet’s for treatment.

One of the puppies was suffering from heatstroke and in respiratory distress, and had to have oxygen and was cooled down with wet towels.

His temperature was 41°C which would have killed him if he was left untreated much longer.

The young dogs are now doing well in foster care and have been named Billy and Bobby.

RSPCA inspector Herchy Boal, who is investigating the incident, said: “It really is disgusting that someone would just throw out these puppies away as though they were rubbish.

“It was by pure chance that these dogs were found by the passing motorist and if they had been left much longer they could have easily died from heat stroke as the temperatures were really high and beginning to climb further.

"The cardboard box had the lid shut and it was like an oven in there for them.

“I am keen to find who dumped the puppies and will be looking at CCTV taken from the service station as part of my investigation.

“The cardboard box they were found in was also distinctive as it has the logo of an international removal company on it which also may help identify the person responsible.

“I would also appeal to any member of the public who saw anything suspicious in this area to contact our appeals line on 0300 123 8018.”