CUSTOMERS at Morrisons in Droitwich have said they agree with the supermarket's decision to bar customers who refuse to wear face coverings.

It was confirmed yesterday that Morrisons and Sainsbury's would take a tougher stance on customers who refuse to wear a face covering without a medical exemption.

Tesco and Asda are the latest supermarkets to take take the stance, and implored shoppers to be respectful towards staff.

While shopping at Morrisons in Droitwich store earlier today, residents expressed their views on the new measures.

Paul Knowles, said: “I think it should have been done from the beginning.

"When you see people with no masks and no protection it’s ridiculous, and I’ve seen many people without masks in shops."

Tony said:"I do agree with the decision, it’s not a big ask is it to put a mask on your face, and I think compulsory mask wearing should have come in a lot sooner as well."

Christina added: “It's better that everybody complies with the rules, but I think we are losing all of our freedoms, we’re being funnelled into a very strange place.

“I think people should have to wear them, but if people have a real medical issue then they should be able to say they can't wear one."

The decision from supermarkets has come as a police chief said officers will be on stand-by to help with dissenters who become “aggressive” in supermarkets.

On Tuesday, Tesco said it will not let customers who are not wearing a face covering into its stores unless they are exempt in line with Government guidance, as it asked shoppers to be “kind, patient and respectful” towards staff.

A spokesman for the store said: “We are also asking our customers to shop alone, unless they’re a carer or with children.

“To support our colleagues, we will have additional security in stores to help manage this.”