A FATHER has described the pain of losing his daughter who was killed due to "a young man's Fast and Furious lifestyle."

Colin Johnson said the prior driving offences of the 'reckless' driver who killed his daughter Nicola Johnson, 30 were difficult to hear about.
Euan Short, 21, was jailed for five years at Worcester Crown Court on Friday, October 30 after he had previously admitted causing death by dangerous driving.

The court heard that Short, from Flyford Flavell had killed Nicola, mum of two by crashing his Audi A3 into her Ford when he lost control of his car while speeding at over 85mph on the 60mph A422 between Flyford Flavell and Inkberrow, at around 9.20pm on August 2 last year.

In a Facebook post Mr Johnson said it was: "Difficult to hear of a reckless young man's prior driving habits where he had been warned by police but then still went on to video himself doing 120mph from the drivers' seat down on a country road only weeks before the accident."

"While we are pleased that justice has been seen to be done and our Nick was entirely blameless - just in the wrong place at the wrong time, surely it is wrong that at 20-year-old man with bad driving history can legally drive a high performance car with the only limitation being how much you or your family can pay."

Mr Johnson asked people to share the post so that the Inkberrow woman's death may make someone else rethink before "performing crazy stunts on the road."

Mr Johnson said on the night she died, he had gone looking for his daughter because she had not sent a text to say she was home safely. 
"Only to be stopped by the police yards from the scene to be told she had died just up the road. We were so close but so helpless - we have been living in another dimension since that night, it's the dimension that always happens to someone else."