Drivers aged 35-50 are the most at risk on Worcestershire roads, according to the Air Ambulance.

And among that group one in ten admit texting, emailing or being on social media while driving.

The figures are revealed in a survey carried out for the Air Ambulance Service who are concerned at the life-threatening danger posed by distracted drivers.

Air ambulances and critical care cars are called out to just under two accidents a day across the region – covering Worcestershire, West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

That number did not drop earlier this year, despite lockdown travel restrictions.

The service say they are disappointed by the behaviour of drivers revealed in the survey, but it reflects the age group that they most often end up treating.

More than a quarter of drivers aged between 35 and 44 said they had not taken any measures to reduce how distracted they felt while driving.

“Alarmingly, over one in ten (13%) aged 35-44 said they had sent texts, emails or had been on social media when driving.”

Only 44 per cent planned their journey ahead, and only one in five took regular breaks on long journeys.

Ian Roberts, air operations manager, said “Multitasking and distractions can mean a driver’s concentration is affected. This could ultimately lead to an incident – potentially with life-threatening or life changing consequences.”

Each air ambulance mission costs on average £2,500, amounting 1.75million a year.

Did you know?

The survey showed ten per cent of all respondents (aged 18 and above) thought it was legal to use a mobile phone while driving if it was being used as a sat nav at the same time, and a further 12 per cent were uncertain if it was legal or not.

It is legal to use a mobile as a sat nav hands-free, but not to programme it when driving.

Did you know?

Over a fifth who have pets (21 per cent) did not know that legally animals must be restrained in a vehicle by way of a pet seatbelt or safety guard.

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