DISQUALIFIED and uninsured drivers were caught by police during a weekend of activity, as a new campaign gets underway.

Droitwich and Worcester police stopped two disqualified drivers, and three with no insurance across the county.

Police tweeted a picture of one of the vehicles seized, and added some stop searches educating drivers regarding speeding were also carried out.

The police action followed the launch of Operation Drive Insured, a week long campaign running this week designed to remind drivers of the consequences and implications of driving without valid insurance.

Police say the campaign, jointly developed by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau and National Police Chief’s Council, will see increased roads policing activity to detect and seize uninsured vehicles in Worcestershire.

Nationally each year more than 130 people are killed and 26,000 injured in collisions caused by uninsured and untraced drivers, linking to nearly one in every five road traffic collisions. Evidence also shows drivers without insurance are more likely to be involved in other crimes, including using a stolen vehicle, driving while disqualified or substance abuse.

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And figures from 2019 show £322 million has been paid in compensation to provide support to victims of uninsured and untraced collisions, with the Department for Transport highlighting these collisions cost the economy a further £2 billion a year in emergency services, medical care, loss of productivity and property damage.

Superintendent Mel Crowther of West Mercia Police said: “Whilst the majority of road users in West Mercia comply with the legislation around insurance for their vehicle unfortunately there are some using our roads that do not.

"Driving without valid insurance is not only against the law, it also devastates the lives of many other road users each year.

"Supporting this national campaign with increased education and local enforcement activity is part of our commitment to our overall safer roads priority to help improve road safety for all, reduce the amount of people that are killed or seriously injured on our roads and to deny criminals the use of the roads”.

Being caught without valid insurance can lead to drivers having their vehicle seized and potentially crushed along with a £300 fixed penalty notice and six licence points.

They can also face court and receive a driving ban and an unlimited fine.