A DROITWICH dog walker says it remains a disgrace that problems she highlighted in September still have not been sorted.

We previously reported how Sylvia Whittaker had highlighted the problems at Scholars Walk, that is a popular path as it runs between Chawson First School and Witton Middle School.

Among the issues that she had raised with councillors and Worcestershire County Council were that the greenery on the side of pathways had become overgrown, there were slippery dead leaves covered across the pathway, and the subway, under Blake Avenue, has four drains all of which are blocked by overgrown grass, weeds and rubbish.

The Wharfedale Crescent resident, who walks her dog daily along the path, said this weekend she inspected the area and said although the hedgerow had been cut back, many of the other issues remain.

“I had a look and I was not impressed,” she said.

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“They have cut the overhanging hedgerow.

“A lot of the leaves which were covering the pathway, they have cleared some, but they have just been moved to the side.

“There are still a lot of leaves which I had hoped would be removed but they have not.

“I looked at the underpass and nothing at all has been done.

"The four drains are still blocked and I had to go through two big puddles to get to the other side.

“We have had rain so the puddles are there now, there is nowhere for the water to go.

“When it has dried out it will be back to mud again.

“Thee have done a half hearted job.

“We should not have to live in an area that no one cares about.”

Worcestershire County Council previously said it informed the respective landowners of work that needed to be completed in July, and said it would reinspect the site to ensure they were still clear and in working order.

A spokesman from the authority said in a new statement yesterday: "A further inspection of the drains will take place this week.”