THOUSANDS of local pensioners could be missing out on hundreds of pounds a week – and a free TV licence.

But now a charity has created a simple calculator that could help them claim their money.

Across the West Midlands there are a minimum of 60,000 over 75s not claiming their Pension Credit entitlement.

Pension Credits offer are financial lifelines for pensioners on low incomes, but now they are also the only way that the over 75s can claim their free TV licence.

Nationally only 61% of people are estimated to claim their entitlement to Pension Credit.

Poverty charity Turn2us have worked out how that looks across the regions, and the West Midlands is towards the top of the league table of people missing out.

Anna Stevenson, Welfare Benefit Expert, at Turn2us said: “Pension Credit is a lifeline for older people stuck on low incomes in retirement, and now it is the only route to getting a free TV license. So it is more important, now than ever, to claim it.

“The extra income, and so called ‘passport-benefits’ that Pension Credit unlocks, can go a long way to helping many older people keep their head above water and avoid being pulled into poverty.

“We urge everyone of pension age to use the Turn2us Benefits Calculator and find out if you are entitled to Pension Credit then make that claim.

To use it go to:

People can also visit the government website: or call 0800 99 1234.”