GOT enough room in the house you bought? You should have plenty, If the stats are correct.

In fact, you should have comparatively more room than anywhere else in the country, and twice as much as someone in London.

That’s according to a survey of the amount of room you get in an average priced house in each region of the UK.

West Midlands comes out top with the most spacious homes you can buy at the average British property price of between £230,000 and £240,000.

For that money you would get more than 100 sq meters to roam about in. Compare that with poor London, where they are squeezed into 45 sq metres.

For an average price house, local people should get around 30% more space than the norm - West Midlands its104.92 compared to 81.6.

But it’s not all good news. West Midlands is well down the league when it comes to how many of our houses come with a garage.

It’s only just over a quarter, compared to more than a half in Yorkshire and Humber.

And as for built in storage, less than 2 per cent of homes have it in this region.

The research for all this was carried out by Space Station, a storage company with centres in London and Birmingham.