IT’S been nearly six months since the UK went into lockdown- and a lot has happened since then.

Families couldn’t see each other, pubs and restaurants closed down, all while the number of coronavirus cases continued to climb.

While it’s been a frightening and uncertain time, many have tried to see the positive in the situation by making memories and doing some good for their local community.

Here we take a look back at some of the most notable Worcestershire headlines of the previous months, both good and bad- how many do you remember?

Panic buyers stripped the shelves bare

Droitwich Advertiser: Supermarket shelves across the UK were stripped bare (Michael Drummond/PA)Supermarket shelves across the UK were stripped bare (Michael Drummond/PA)

When coronavirus cases began to surge and greater lockdown restrictions were imposed in March, Brits started to stockpile supplies.

Pasta and toilet roll were some of the most sought after items and shelves in supermarkets across the country were often stripped of these items.

One Pershore mum told our sister paper the Worcester News she couldn’t find paracetamol, beans, flour, eggs or pasta.

She added: “It’s making my anxiety go through the roof. My daughter had toothache and needed paracetamol, and my baby needed Calpol due to teething and we had nothing.

“I couldn’t buy it anywhere, let alone pasta and toilet roll or even wet-wipes and nappies.”

People from Worcester raised money

Droitwich Advertiser: Maisie raised thousands for the NHS (Photo: Charlotte Gibson)Maisie raised thousands for the NHS (Photo: Charlotte Gibson)

Who can forget when war veteran, 99-year-old Tom Moore, raised over £32 million for the NHS by walking 100 laps around his garden?

He wasn’t the only Brit with good intentions- many people across the UK decided to follow in his footsteps and begin their own fundraiser.

One seven-year-old girl made and sold ribbons to raise money for the NHS.

She aimed to raise £50, but surpassed that target and managed to raise over £4250.

Mum, Charlotte, spoke to Worcester News and said: "She wanted to raise some money for people like her grandmother who works for the NHS and has also recently recovered from coronavirus.”

Pubs reopened

Eagle Vaults in Friar Street​ (Credit: Google Maps)

Many pub-goers were dismayed when the government announced that pubs must close to control the coronavirus spread, at the end of March.

However, on the 4th of July pubs could open their doors once again- but there were stricter social distancing measures in place.

Nick Gjoliku, owner of the Eagle Vaults in Friar Street, Worcester, said they have a new one-way system in place with signs and arrows on the floor for guidance.

Kirsty Smith, general manager of The Swan and Drummonds, said: “I think people will find it strange at first, it is definitely not going to be the Drummonds they are used to, but we hope to create a space where people can still have fun whilst staying safe.”

McDonald’s re-opened


During lockdown, people of the UK went for months without one of their favourite fast food treats.

However, at the start of July McDonald’s re-opened their doors once again leading to gridlocked queues and blocked roads.

One social media user, Andrew Kelsall, shared a video of the massive McDonald’s queue outside Malvern Retail Park.

He wrote: “Ridiculous scenes as cars are queuing all around the carpark and beyond for the McDonald's drive-through at Blackpole.

"It would be quicker for them to go home and make their own meal. Are they so desperate to eat junk?"

We clapped for the NHS

Did you clap for carers at 8pm on Thursday during lockdown?

This heart-warming event took place in March and people across the UK clapped on their doorsteps and gardens as a symbol of their support to care staff and NHS frontline workers.


Frontline staff at Worcestershire Royal Hospital even took part in the event.

Their Facebook video shows police and the fire brigade clapping in solidarity with the doctors and nurses at the hospital.

Hundreds of Worcestershire residents also took to social media to praise the NHS in the video.

One person wrote: “Never been prouder to be such of an amazing work force”.

Another commented: “You are all the best of British. True heroes.”

Parents had to become teachers


PE with Joe is my proudest achievement in life so far and I’ll remember it forever ☺️❤️ To bring families together all over the world to exercise, have fun and laugh during the lockdown is something I’m so proud of. I’d love to know what #pewithjoe has meant to you and your family. Please leave a comment below and I’ll read them all today with a big smile on my face 😊 Thank you 🙏🏼

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During lockdown, our homes were transformed into schools and parents had to brush up on their maths, literacy and science knowledge.

Luckily, PE was covered by Joe Wicks (fitness and nutrition expert) and his online lessons.

Joe promised to post a PE lesson every weekday during lockdown- and many Worcestershire families took part.

Leanne Sofocleous said: “My six year old and I did this this morning. We were very hot afterwards. I'm hoping to do that every day with her."

Lisa Preedy said: "Me and my nine year old daughter did it this afternoon and really enjoyed it! Got to be worth it for all us."

We all started baking

Droitwich Advertiser: Immy taught her granddad to bakeImmy taught her granddad to bake

(Photo: Just Giving/ Kristen Reeves)

With schools closed and furlough schemes in place, people had a lot more time on their hands during lockdown.

Many used this free time to perfect their baking skills and our social media feeds were filled with (sometimes dubious) attempts at baking a banana loaf.

However, one Worcester girl went a step further and taught her grandad to bake over FaceTime.

Despite never being able to bake before, Barry Briscoe can now bake anything from chocolate éclairs to loaves of bread.

Immy Reeves even organised a socially distanced bake sale outside of her home and managed to raise over £1150 on Just Giving for the Alzheimer’s society.

What are your most memorable moments from lockdown? Let us know in the comments.