When does the government publish figures for the number of confirmed cases?

Government figures, provided by Public Health England (PHE), are released each day showing the number of confirmed cases reported as of 9am that day.

The figures are usually updated at 2pm every day but might be delayed if the figures are not signed off in time by the Department of Health.

The government figures show the number of confirmed cases which is not necessarily the real number as some people who report as having symptoms are not being tested, and instead told to self-isolate, and are not included in the count.

What does the daily figure mean?

The number of confirmed cases is not the same as the number of actual cases. It depends on how many infected people are detected.

The daily figure published by PHE shows the number of people who have shown symptoms and have been admitted to hospital where they have then been tested.

Therefore, the figures show the number of people in hospital with Covid-19 in Worcestershire and not necessarily the total number of people across the county with coronavirus.

Will we be told if anybody dies from coronavirus in Worcestershire?

NHS England are responsible for announcing any deaths from coronavirus. The number of deaths is published alongside other coronavirus related figures but only by country. The first death at a Worcestershire hospital was announced on Tuesday, March 24.

But what about people who are self-isolating?

Those self-isolating at home who may have coronavirus are not included in the figures.

As of March 16, Worcestershire County Council said that government policy on testing had changed and community testing was no longer being carried out.

Anybody with symptoms was being told to self-isolate and as a result, daily figures for the number of confirmed cases in Worcestershire would no longer be announced as it would not be giving a true representation.