ASDA said it will close its in-store meat and fish counters and replace them with something completely different.

The spaces left by these closing sections will be used for 'ready-to-eat' counters - and Asda has revealed it plans to sell 'food for now', including sushi, hot chicken and pies.

The new counters have been trialled in 13 stores over the last year, teaming up with brands such as Sushi Daily and Subway.

The supermarket giant says it is planning more partnerships with well known brands.

Counters will be in place in 150 stores by the end of the year.

Unions have been informed that there will be no job losses or reduction in hours for staff as a result of the changes.

In a statement Asda said: "The way in which we operate our store based back office has evolved over recent years to adapt to changing customer behaviour, such as an increase in card payments over cash.

"As a result, we are proposing some changes to increase efficiencies and simplify ways of working across administration, compliance and cash office.

"We have opened a collective consultation with those colleagues impacted and their representatives and will have conversations about any potential change with our colleagues first."