Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson has promised to cancel Brexit altogether after members backed revoking Article 50 if the party wins a majority at the next general election.

The Lib Dems are enjoying a revival under Ms Swinson, with a host of MPs defecting to her party.

Sam Gyimah, a former Tory minister, became the sixth MP to switch allegiance to the party this year and some polling companies predict the Lib Dems could take as much as a fifth of the vote at the next election - up from just 7% in 2017.

Members at the Lib Dem conference in Bournemouth voted overwhelmingly to support a motion to revoke Article 50 it the party gains a majority in a general election. The move would stop Brexit in its tracks without the need for a second referendum.

Ms Swinson told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show the Lib Dems would stop Brexit.

"If the Liberal Democrats win a majority at the next election, if people put into government - as a majority government - the 'Stop Brexit' party, then stopping Brexit is exactly what people will get," she said. "Yes, we will revoke Article 50."

The East Dunbartonshire MP added: "We have argued that a specific Brexit deal should be put to a People's Vote to give clarity.

"We still argue for that. But if we end up at a general election then I think we need to be straightforward with people and give them an option for all this Brexit chaos to stop.

"I recognise not everyone agrees with the Lib Dems on this. (But) it is genuinely what we think is right for the country."

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