WEST Mercia Police has not ruled out following in the footsteps of another UK constabulary and equipping all officers with Tasers in the future.

Northamptonshire Police last week announced it is issuing the electrical weapon to all frontline officers that want it in response to a “sickening trend” of attacks on the emergency services.

It will take 18 months to train and equip the officers and cost around £220,000.

Assistant Chief Constable Martin Evans, of West Mercia Police, said his constabulary “regularly reviews” the number of Taser officers across the force and did not rule out offering them to all frontline staff.

“We are aware and respect the decisions announced by some forces recently to equip their all officers with Taser,” he said.

“West Mercia Police regularly reviews the number of Taser officers across the entire force to ensure we have appropriate coverage to provide the right level of protection for the public and this is a practice we continue as we move forwards.”

As reported in the national press, Northamptonshire Chief Constable Nick Adderley, who served in the Royal Navy before joining the police, said the decision to issue the weapons had not been taken lightly.

He said: “Enough is enough. Every week I am made aware of more and more sickening attacks on my officers – they are spat at, assaulted on a daily basis and are being exposed to increasing levels of violence.

“It’s time to give all front-line officers the ability to defend themselves and defend members of the public which involves equipping them with more than a baton, handcuffs and a can of pepper spray.”

According to a parliamentary briefing, there were 1,044 front-line officers in that force as of March this year.

According to figures on the West Mercia Police website, between January and March this year, Tasers were used 11 times.

Earlier this week, John Richard Moss was charged following an alleged assault on a female police officer in Worcester last weekend.

The 26-year-old, of Lear Close, Worcester, has been charged with assault by beating of an emergency officer, being drunk and disorderly in a public place, and obstructing or resisting a constable in the execution of their duty.

He will appear at Worcester Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, September 5.