A DRUNK man walked out onto a road and weaved in and out of traffic before becoming aggressive to police officers, a court heard.

Magistrates told Daniel Winnall, who admitted being drunk and disorderly in a public place, that they were pleased he was now getting help for his issues since the incident happened on June 2.

Nichola Ritchie, prosecuting, said officers were called to Kings Court in Worcester Road at 3.50pm that afternoon to reports a man, which it emerged was Winnall, was weaving in and out of traffic.

“Officers arrive, and he becomes verbally aggressive,” Miss Richie said.

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“They had to restrain Mr Winnall due to the increasingly aggressive behaviour. He had to be restrained on the floor.”

Miss Ritchie said there were previous drunk and disorderly offences in the 34-year-old's record, but no relevant offending since 2004.

Defending himself Winnall, of Norbury House, Friar Street, Droitwich, said all he wanted to say was that he was now going to AA meetings and was working with a mental health team to address his issues, and his problems with alcohol.

Simon Freebairn, chairman of the magistrates bench, said that magistrates were pleased to hear that Winnall was trying to help himself and that this will “always be looked at favourably by these courts”.

Magistrates gave Winnall a 12 month conditional discharge but stressed that if Winnall committed any other offence during that period he would be brought back before the courts for "that matter and this one".

“So stay out of trouble for 12 months,” Mr Freebairn said.

“We are putting trust in you that you will stay clear of these courts.”

Winnall was ordered to pays costs of £135 and a victim surcharge of £20 - a total of £155.

Winnall offered to pay this amount at a rate of £20 a week with the first payment within 28 days, an offer that was accepted by magistrates.

The case was heard at Worcester Magistrates Court on Thursday.